What Weapons can a Security Guard Carry on Duty?

security guard weapons

It is no mean feat to be a security guard. Daily, they face a lot of challenges and they put their lives on the line to secure establishments, organizations, and houses of worship among other places. In the execution of their duty, they must carry some weapons to help them defend themselves and indeed the organizations they work for in the event of a security breach.

Here are some weapons you will see a typical security guard carrying on duty.


This weapon is quintessential for a security guard as it helps a lot in tackling security threats. Of course, any security guard that will be entrusted with a handgun must have undergone specialized armed security guard training. This training is to ensure that they abide by all the laws surrounding firearms for security guards and are not just trigger happy at the slightest chance.

Security Guard Baton

A security baton is one of the weapons you’ll most likely find with a security guard. The benefit of having a baton is that security guards do not actually have to use it before it scares criminals off. Although the security baton seems like a regular weapon, security guards are required to go through a specialized baton handling course before they can be allowed to handle one. 

Pepper Spray

A security guard should be equipped with pepper spray at all times. It helps in repelling an attacker or anyone who wants to cause potential harm to them. Although civilians can own pepper sprays to defend themselves, security guards need to undergo special training to know how and when to use pepper sprays. Although there are lots of pepper sprays around, UDAP sprays are generally acclaimed to be the best.


Asides from the regular training that security guards undergo before they can use these weapons, it is important for them to undergo regular training and retraining to keep them abreast with the best world practices in security.