What to know before firing a security guard

Firing, both for the person firing and the person fired is usually never a pleasant experience. But to be on the safe side, it is important to be aware of what you need to know before firing a security guard.

Follow Due Process

This is important because, if not followed, it could lead to a wrongful termination lawsuit. Usually, the Employee Manual will contain details of a progressive disciplinary policy. All of which must be exhausted before the termination. It is in your best interests to strictly follow the process, for example issuing a certain number of verbal or written warnings.

Signed Employee Manual

This is a document that puts everyone on the same page as regards the duties and expectations of the security guard. It will contain clauses that cover tasks, remuneration, and even a progressive disciplinary policy. It is not enough to just hand out the manual, it is essential that it contains a signature page which will prove that the manual has been read and understood by the security officer. An important clause in the manual is one stating that the security officer has the responsibility to make enquiries for clarification where needed.


This is where a written warning will be preferred over a verbal one, because if it is not on paper, then it did not happen. So, when a security guard errs, ensure such infractions are completely documented. In fact, this should be stated in the employee manual.

Hear the Other Side

This can be done as an exit interview. Although, please clear with your lawyers on the questions you can ask. Responses may not be helpful most of the time, but it is worth it for those few times when you get constructive feedback. This is also an excellent time to mention that such an exit interview should be done in private.