What Should I Put On My Security Guard Resume?

Just like any other vacancy, the process of being employed as a security guard follows a detailed and formal approach. Businesses and individuals in need of a security guard now engage the services of security companies to recruit for them. One of the requirements during application is a resume. You are probably wondering, what should I put on my security guard resume? This post gives you the answer!

Contact Information

As a security guard, your resume should contain your contact information, and it should be at the top of your resume. Typically, your contact information should contain your name and address, email address, and phone numbers. In case you have an online portfolio, you can also the link for better visibility by your prospective employer.

Employment History

As with any other profession, experience matters in the security industry; therefore, when applying for the security guard position, you are advised to include your employment history as it helps the recruiter know that you are indeed experienced and fit for the role.


Education is important for a security guard as much as anyone else. This is why your security guard resume needs to feature your education history across the board. It helps the employer know that they aren’t recruiting someone bereft of knowledge about security and, indeed, other relevant things.


Do you know karate or kung-fu? This is where you emphasize your skills that would enhance your performance when on duty. For instance, if you were hired for security on a cruise ship, adding skills in swimming or water rescue would give you a better chance.

Objective Statement

Your objective statement should feature the purpose of your resume. When using this feature to apply for the position of a security guard, you must tailor it to fit the role while including things about the company or organization, letting them know that you are a perfect fit for the organization


There are other things you can include in your resume when applying as a security guard. However, you are strongly advised not to include your marital status, religion, and hobbies, among other things, in your resume.