What Does A Hotel Security Guard Do?

From securing the perimeter of the premises of the organization they work for to nipping security threats in the bud, a security guard’s work is cut out for them. However, some security guards, particularly hotel security guards, have specific functions that require special training and expertise for them to execute the job to the best of their abilities.

We have itemized some duties that a hotel security officer typically performs.

Respond to individual guest needs and concerns.

A hotel security guard must always be on hand to respond to guests’ needs and concerns as the case may be. At times, those lodging in the hotel might need directions to places in the hotel; you must be attentive to render appropriate assistance.

Patrol property, both inside and outside.

The premises of a hotel is a sensitive one as it potentially houses people from all walks of life. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a security guard to secure all the rooms and indeed the hotel premises to prevent the hotel occupants from coming to harm.

Check security locks and alarms on doors and stairwells.

A hotel security guard must make themselves acquainted with the hotel’s security system and the map of the hotel. These will help them locate and check the hotel’s security locks to make sure they have not been compromised and check stairwells to make sure criminal elements are not making it their hideout.

Escort guests as needed.

At times, the guests who come to the hotel might be aged and might need someone to escort or assist them. A security guard must always be on hand in those times to render the necessary assistance; this symbolizes alertness and commitment to duty.


A hotel security guard must be vigilant at all times to prevent criminal elements from carrying out their nefarious activities. Similarly, they must be trustworthy and not engage in aiding and abetting criminal elements to carry out their operations. This will make for safer hotel premises.