What Breed Of Dogs Are Best For Security Services

security dogs

Either you are just starting your security firm, or you feel your neighborhood isn’t safe, and you need to have some form of personal protection. For whatever reason, a dog for security purposes must have made you start skimming through the internet for knowledge of the best dog breed for security purposes or services. You will find in this article five best dog breeds for security services. 

Dogs, depending on their breed and family, are efficient for different purposes. They include domestic help, companionship, addition to a family, security, etc. What breed of these dogs are then best for security and protection? 

  1. Bullmastiff: To date, Bullmastiff tops the list of most security companies and individuals’ preferences for security dogs. The perk is in its natural protective instinct, which gives its owners some form of protection. Bullmastiffs take time to observe strangers and situations before deciding whether to attack, protect, or not. 
  2. German Shepherd: German Shepherds are famous and might be the first to come to anyone’s mind for protection. German Shepherds are primarily renowned for their ability to understand simple commands quickly. They can be homely and also efficiently secure, sniff surface, trace prints, and protect. 
  3. Doberman Pinscher: Beware, Doberman Pinscher’s slim appearance might deceive you. It’s a decoy! They are fast and agile. Their speed made them fit for securing larger premises and also for chasing suspects and criminals. 
  4. Puli: Due to their natural appearance, pulis are naturally observant and alert. Puli is that dangerous dog you would think is only sitting down for afternoon rest in his corner, but he is at your feet in a few seconds because he smelt danger.
  5. Rottweiler: If you are out for dogs that will be fit to work with your security details and staff, consider Rottweilers. These dogs have natural intelligence and strength to protect packs. However, Rottweilers are not very homely to strangers at first meetings. 

Truthfully, the list is endless. Dogs are man’s natural friends and are the best pets to invest in when it comes to security and protection.