The Role Of A Security Manager In An Organization

Being a security manager requires that one gains the trust of the organization one works for and has outstanding skills, different from others. This is because the work of a security manager is strategic and requires that one monitors the company’s security, implement security policies, regulation, rules, and ensure that one’s employers and visitors are safe in their organization. Here are some roles a security manager performs in an organization.

Supervise security officers and train and recruit

A security manager is saddled with training other security officers by employing relevant technology and equipment. They also plan recruitment exercises and recruit the best from the crop of applicants.

Develop procedures, protocols, and implement security

The security manager sets up the protocol for the security men, gives rosters of duty, and teaches them the workplace procedures. Also, they ensure that all security plans are well implemented and that security men carry out their various duties.

Resolve issues and investigate

At times, issues come up between security officers and customers, it could even happen among security officers! This is where the security manager’s role reflects as they work to settle such disputes and investigate any criminal act.

Create reports for management on the security status of the organization

As the head of the security department, they record the security activities that go on in the company. They record an inventory of what the security department needs, appliances that should be repaired or replaced, among other things, and table it before the organization for ratification and disbursement of funds to do the same.

Monitor expenses for security operations and control budget

They prepare the budget and requests for the things needed in the security department. Similarly, a security manager monitors the expenses of the security department of the organization and ensures that funds are not misappropriated.


To be a security manager, one has to be dynamic, fast, smart, have good leadership skills, and be vast in the current innovations in the security industry.