Security: A Product Or A Service?

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When it comes to security, news reports always go on about what security officials did and how they did it. Rankings are based on the institution and companies with the best security practices. Enthusiasts are always focused on the most incredible and newest security gadgets invented and used by guards and officers. The discussion categories go on and on. 

In all of these discussions and arguments, there always seems to be one bone of contention centered on “Is Security a product or a service?”. 

  1. Interdependent Relationship Between Man and Gadget: Present-day solutions have invented several awesome gadgets and machines to aid security in the world. However, every solution developed has consistently proven the need for a human in providing efficient security provision. Robots need remotes, and tasers won’t fly to tase, triggers won’t pull themselves, computers won’t type themselves.  
  2. It’s A Process: Most thought schools will argue that by default, security provision is an attempt to secure what a business or organization offers. If we are to go by this, where do we place government security institutions like the Police, Navy, Airforce, who don’t sell anything? The fact remains that every establishment security program requires that staff and clients routinely engage in repeated processes subject to impromptu changes and updates. 
  3. It is A Profession: To work in a security official’s capacity, individuals have to go through several stages of core training and get certified by government-approved bodies.  
  4. Perfect security; An Illusion: Time and tide have proven to us that perfect security is an illusion. Computer flaws are inevitable, things beyond control happen, security officials as humans can make wrong judgments, etc. To achieve close to perfection is why the profession is only allowed for trained and authorized individuals.       
  5. 24/7 Operations: The fact that security is a non-stop 24/7 operation makes many argue that security is a service that individuals and organizations can not do without. It is not noodles that one can decide to eat instead of rice. 

Security is a life essential. Classifying it as a product or service is unnecessarily underrating its value when, in reality, We all need to be provided with security one way or the other.