How Many Security Guards Should You Hire?

One common question people looking to hire security guards for their businesses, home or events ask is, how many security guards should I hire? There is no one fixed way to answer this question. It would depend on certain factors such as location, number of guests or customers, purpose of the business or event and if alcohol is involved. Let?s break down each of these factors a bit, before proposing some security guard to number of people ratios.

Location: This is important to consider because, if the event or business or residential home is located in a troubled area, it would necessitate hiring more security guards than normal. 

Venue: How many doors or entrances does the venue have? At least one security guard per entrance.

Alcohol: Are you having a party where alcohol will be served? Or are you running a bar or club? So far alcohol is now in the equation, more security guards will need to be hired to balance things out.

Purpose: What is the purpose of the event or area that needs to be secured? An event where expected guests are VIPs or HNIs or celebrities, will require more security guards. 

Mode of Invitation: Did you put out an open invitation on social media or online? Whether for interviews, parties or other events, more security guards need to be hired.

Known Threats: Has someone promised to crash a wedding? Or threatened to steal some properties? This necessitates more security guards than usual, until the threat is eliminated.

As earlier stated, there is no fixed way to decide on this question. But when considering hiring security guards, let the above points guide along. The ratio below should also be considered.

Less than 10 guests with one entrance, 1 security guard.

Between 10 ? 50 guests with two entrances, 2+ security guards.

50 ? 100 guests with three entrances, 4+ security guards.

Above ratios are for considerations and not a standard. Remember, where alcohol is involved, this means more security guards than usual. Especially where one has a combination of teenagers and alcohol.