A Comparison Between Security Training And Certification


Training and certifications are an integral element for every individual who identifies as a professional in security services. Albeit, we are not going to leave out the fact that emerging career trends are now digital-based, where online readings, demonstrations, and instructions can be sufficient enough for physical training and certifications activities. 

A certification is an obtained document that validates and confirms that the holder has fulfilled all requirements to acquire specialized education, skills, knowledge, and competency in a given field of study. Training, on the other hand, is the learning action of acquiring certifications. In simple terms, it is the program that provides the instruction and learning curves for a given professional certification.

  1. Certification is the Next Milestone: While training is the first milestone to acquire the skills and knowledge of becoming a security officer, certification is the milestone that follows. 
  2. Standing Out in The Crowd: The good side of security training and certification is that guards who periodically get trained and certified are always the first on the organizations’ consideration list for favor and promotions. 
  3. Online: These days, digital advancement has made acquiring educational certifications an internet-based journey. With just a few clicks, interested individuals are given access to applicable security guard training and certification programs. Right from their location, prospective and existing security officers and guards can train and get certified online.
  4. Growth and Proof Of Work: Certifications are proof of your capacity, skills, knowledge, and experience in security services, while training helps you learn, develop, and build your skills. 
  5. Interdependent: Currently, the labor market values certifications. However, the process of getting a certification involved training. Hence, training and certification are dependent elements of the security profession. 

As a security professional, you need to constantly train and amass certifications in whatever role or function you are assigned. It is the safest way to get ahead in your career.