Why you need to routinely train your staff on security awareness

security guard routine training

Security issues are one of the greatest threats to an organization, be it a for-profit or a non-profit one. Achieving optimum protection for your employees is impossible if they are not enlightened on security consciousness through periodic training and workshops. And Why is that? 

  1. Reduces Risks and occurrences: Security measures reduce security threats, risks, and occurrences. Are the people you are trying to protect aware or updated about the security conditions of their environment?  that your security unit cannot be everywhere at all times. 
  2. Sense of Personal Security: Periodic training will allow your employees to know and practice the new dos and don’ts used in tackling the current security crises. By this, each of them takes responsibility for their security, and by doing so, they automatically have a sense of personal security. 
  3. Security Culture: Tackling security threats is not the effort of the management alone, the continuous security awareness training you give to your staff will unconsciously build a culture of security in your organization which will ultimately promote collective efforts and also presents your organization as a socially responsible one to your immediate community. 
  4. Compliance with regulations and measures: Ignorance they say is not an excuse. How then do we get knowledge about something when we are not informed and routinely reminded. Here is why you need to routinely train your staff for them to be continually aware of the measures and regulations and by doing so, they are in compliance with the organization’s security policies.
  5. Aids Adoption: it is not just enough to have a security policy document for your staff to read and digest, routine training will enable them to visualize most of these things which will eventually influence their behavior towards protecting the organization’s assets and properties. 

Just as times and tide are changing with new challenges daily, routine security awareness will educate your staff about the security conditions of their environment and this will push them to be a partaker in protecting themselves and all that belongs to the organization. Hence, dealing with security threats is a joint effort of both the management and staff.