What Does A Mall Security Officer Do

The perfect combination of people, wares and cash, make malls a prime location for criminal elements to prowl or explore lapses in security for their nefarious activities. This necessitates the presence of security officers in malls.

Patrol and monitor grounds to identify any anomalies, which may include suspicious behavior, among other things.

A mall security officer must patrol the premises of the mall. Again, they must ensure that they identify any suspicious behavior or movement around the mall’s premises. They must also ensure that all security breaches are identified and fixed with immediate effect. 

Keeping calm when alarms are triggered and escorting people to safety or apprehending the guilty parties.

Emergencies can sometimes occur at malls that could lead to either a stampede or disasters. These situations can either be averted or mitigated by mall security. They do this by keeping calm in times of emergencies and escorting people to safety. Also, where they can, they can nab those who might want to or who have perpetrated criminal acts. 

Respond to calls for help and contact the fire department or law enforcement.

A mall security officer must always be alert and be on hand to call the fire department of law enforcement agents in the instance of a fire emergency or security breach of the mall


A mall security officer’s work is not limited to the above; they can also assist during emergencies and remove any loiterer or a criminal element whose presence in the mall and its premises is inimical to its peace.