What Actions Constitute Security Guard Negligence

Security guards are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining law and order and protecting life and property. However, some are prone to negligence. Here we examine some actions of security guards that could pass for negligence.

Let’s unearth them!

Sleeping on duty

Sleeping on duty is a classic example of negligence from a security officer.  The consequences of sleeping on duty range from lack of productivity to late responses to potential security threats such as intruders. If your security guard is sleeping on duty, you either caution them or fire them when it becomes habitual. 

Abandoning duty post

It should not be heard that a security guard abandons his duty post and is found doing irrelevant things. It is utter negligence! For organizations that witness a large influx of people daily, lots of lives could be lost in the instance of a fire emergency when a security guard abandons his duty post. Therefore as a security guard, you must be at your duty post always.

Drinking on duty

Drinking on duty is the peak of negligence. Security guards are meant to mirror the values of the organization they work for. Imagine a customer or prospective customer walking into your organization’s premises and meets the security guards either drunk, drinking, or reeking of the smell of alcohol. It will depict general indiscipline within the organization to such a customer.


Many actions such as smoking on duty, entertaining people on duty, and arguing with customers depict negligence from a security guard. Therefore, it is instructive that every security guard avoids every iota of negligence as much as possible. Also, organizations should painstakingly train and retrain their security guards to adhere to the best practices out there.