Security In Aviation: Types And Importance

aviation security

Airports, no matter how small, need an unassailable security structure. Here is why:

  • They serve as connections between two locations or borders.
  • Illegal items of trade, if not checked, could pass through.
  • Escaping criminals and suspects,  if not checked, could pass through to other countries.
  • Point of entry and exit of arms and ammunition.
  • A temporary stop for crowds from different countries and ethnicities.
  • Valuable and expensive items could be in transit.
  • It is frequently used by VVIPs and Government personnel.

With the realization of how important it is to have a reliable security structure in an airport, there is then the need for different types of security. They include:

Personnel Security: this includes the individuals with the tags and uniforms that present them as security personnel. They are usually at every place in the airport to help with direction, aid, detection, and protection as well. They use some mini gadgets like tasers, walkie-talkies, and handcuffs. To aid the work of these security personnels, several advanced technologies are approved for usage.

Passenger Profiling System: this type of security is the security system meant for identifying passengers. They are ID scanners for the sole purpose of screening and vetting.

Passenger Screening System: These are people screening technologies and they include security scanners, Walk-through Metal Detectors (WTMD) Explosive Trace Detection (ETD), Shoe Explosive Detection (SED), Shoe Metal Detection (SMD), etc. 

Baggage Screening: primarily used for screening baggage that comes in and goes out of the airport and they include Explosive Detection System (EDS), Advanced Cabin Baggage X-ray (ACBX), Liquid Explosive Detection System (LEDS), etc. 

Aside from the security systems that are grouped under categories, there are also some semi gadgets used in the airports and they include alarm monitoring systems, sensor devices, fire prevention, and control, CCTVs, etc.