Is CCTV an Invasion of Privacy?

cctv privacy invasion

Since the introduction of CCTVs, a lot of issues and controversies have surrounded their usage in public and private places. Most individuals have frowned at the way organizations, companies, and businesses have it installed all over their premises. All pointing to one argument “it invades my privacy”. 

But, are CCTVs an invasion of privacy? 

Closed Circuit Television also called Video surveillance is the usage of cameras to transmit live events to a monitor which records them for future references. CCTV was invented for the sole purpose of surveillance, with its primary aim for the installation, to aid security. 

Majority of countries now rely on CCTVs as a means of monitoring public events and activities and as such have legalized the installation of CCTVs by either private or non-governmental organizations. This is because of how effective it has proven in fighting crimes including terrorism, robbery, murder, etc. 

CCTV Advantages

  1. Protection: the presence of CCTV in an area protects the people in the area. Also, the availability of a gadget that records all events and activities makes people aware of the fact that they are in a secure and safe space. 
  2. An eye where you can’t be: Definitely, you cannot be in every part of a premise at all times, not even your fully staffed security unit has that capability. So, as a business owner or a visitor in a place, CCTVs act as your eye where you are not. 
  3. Prevent Vandalism, break-ins, and theft: criminals and miscreants who are out to vandalize, break-in, or even steal are warded off with the presence of CCTV. 
  4. Future records: is there an issue that needs clarification? Is your customer complaining about an issue that occurred? Are you forgetting how an event went? The CCTV recordings are there for you to watch and rewatch.
  5. Crime Investigation: Since the emergence of CCTVs, we have seen many criminal cases get easily solved just by watching the recordings of CCTV. Murderers have been caught live in the act, kidnappers have been exposed live, erring drivers have been apprehended. 

In general, CCTV is not there to intrude or invade your privacy, rather it is there to protect you in your environment.