How Security Guards can Prepare against Terrorist Attacks

Insecurity remains one of the phenomena that besets the world today. Terrorists are one of the precursors of insecurity through their attacks that have left cities and countries reeling from their effects. On the frontline of the threat of terrorist attacks are security guards as they are expected to secure every organization’s premises; hence they are most likely to be the ones fatally affected in the instance of a terrorist attack. It then becomes imperative to give preventive measures as to how security guards can prepare against terrorist attacks.

Join us as we uncover how a security guard can prepare against these terror attacks

Security guards must be engaged in relevant forums to consider ways to counter-terrorism

Terrorists adopt different ways of perpetuating their acts. This is why security guards at the local and state levels have to have different fora to discuss the patterns with which terrorists strike in different areas and how to intercept them before they wreak havoc. 

Security guards must be adequately trained in the art of counter-terrorism

Current day security guards need a combination of various skills to succeed; one of them is counter-terrorism. To prepare against terrorist attacks, a security guard must know the various things to do to deal with a terror attack

Training courses should include materials on how to recognize suspicious behavior preceding terror-attacks

Terrorists usually exhibit some suspicious behavior before they perpetrate their acts. However, it takes trained personnel to detect these suspicious behaviors and either minimize the intended damage or stop it completely. 


In whatever role a security guard finds themselves, they must always be alert and ready for any emergency such as a terrorist attack, among other things. Also, while doing their jobs, various organizations should ensure that there is career progression to ensure proper motivation to intercept terrorists and secure organizations and anywhere they are stationed adequately.