Causes of Common accidents at Work and How to Avoid Them


For every profession, there are common accidents that are uniquely associated with them. For a security guard, either armed or unarmed, the profession goes beyond just surveillance, monitoring, and protection. The inherent accidents do not only put the guard’s safety at risk, but also the guard’s health. Here are the common accidents associated with working as a security guard and how you can avoid them;

Falls, Trips, and Collisions: Here are the little accidents that are caused by carelessness and mismanagement of the people on the premises. The guard being the first responder in the premise is at risk of falling, tripping, or even colliding with things/people. Proper sensitization of the workers of the premise is a first step in avoiding this. A clear directory and pointers that help visitors and new workers find their way is also needed to be put in place. At all times, a clean and spacious work environment must be maintained. 

Violence-related accidents: The security guard works to maintain safety, peace, and orderliness. This means that the guard works to avoid violence and in the process, he/she can get attacked by anyone at any time. As a guard, do not joke with continuous training, this helps you know how to avoid and manage violence in the place of work. 

Fire Hazards: Truly, fire hazards are common accidents associated with workplaces. Due to being the first responder to safety matters on a premise, the security guard is exposed to fire accidents. Just like how to avoid the little accidents, proper sensitization of workers on fire-related issues is the best solution to this. Workers have to know what to do and what not to do in cases such as this. 

Dog Misbehaviour: As impossible as it might sound, dog-related accidents are common accidents that occur due to poorly trained dogs. A poorly trained dog is likely to get aggressive, destructive, intercept operations or even worse get himself/herself injured or killed. Investing in professionally trained dogs is the best means to avoid this.