Armed Guards: Pros And Cons

armed guards pros and cons

Every job is dangerous, the risks are just more when compared. Private security operations are as dangerous as public ones, the risk is higher when you are trained and work as an armed one. 

Stationed to work at red zones 

The armed guard category was set up in order to cater to the more dangerous zones of a client’s security needs. People who are not government officials but are wealthy and influential need the protective services of armed guards due to the dangers of their everyday business dealings. So, you will be putting your life on the line.

The skill demand is higher

It takes a lot to become an armed guard. This includes the qualifications, the type of training required, the duration, and the intellectuals. This is why armed services are usually reserved for ex-servicemen.

Getting trapped in the Law 

The profession is very sensitive since they are not public police officers. The don’ts are much more than the dos. You can easily get trapped by the law during the discharge of service. 

No government care to cater for incidence of loss

While the law provides financial care for public police officers who are killed or get injured while discharging duties, the law does not provide for the private armed guard with the same case. 

Little Mistakes can end your career

An accidental discharge, a wrong accusation, a wrong response to a security situation can end your career untimely.

While there are more dangers attached to taking a gun around, there are also the pros side of it. 

You get to work with high profile individuals like the celebrities

Not just celebrities, it also includes individuals of high class and caliber in society. These are the category of people who demand armed security guards since the law does not fully provide police officers for them.

Build a formidable and respectable career

Due to the caliber of people you will work with and the places of assignment, you have a career that stands out amongst others and is also highly respected in society. Something you and your family will be proud of.

Work Independently

You can begin freelance protective services, you choose where to apply, who you want to protect. The demand is high in the US.