Which is best for organizations: Contract Security or Proprietary Security

contract proprietary security

Once your business is up, your concerns are now after providing the best form of protection for your human resources, facilities, products, and even the premise. This necessitates hiring security guards to do this job. Even a dedicated HR department may still grapple with the hiring process or debate which approach, between contract security and proprietary security, is best? 

To decide which is best, let us quickly break down the two forms of security hiring. 

Proprietary Security

A proprietary security company is a professional security firm that is responsible for the hiring, firing, and maintenance of security personnel on behalf of other businesses and organizations. We can call it the Middleman hiring. 

Recently, the demand for professional security guards hiked and the private security industry suddenly grew exponentially. Security firms now do the work and bear the direct cost of training and equipping security guards with the needed skill and in turn send them out as guards to private businesses and organizations. So, the Proprietary security form of hiring is that kind of security hiring that says “Tell us about your organization and we will give you the guys you need”.

Under the proprietary form, although the security guards work in your company, they are not directly your staff, hence are not directly paid by you.   

Contract Security

Contract security is security hiring that is controlled solely by the organization with no middlemen or external influence. In simple terms, organizations source for and hire security guards on their own without the involvement of security firms. 

Unlike the proprietary method, there are no middlemen and you as the employer will have to bear the cost of hiring and also training your newly hired guards. 

So, deciding which is best for your organization depends on a lot of factors ranging from the size of workers, location, premise size, budget, etc. For organizations with a large size of workers, proprietary security is always advisable since not much will be spent and no form of in-depth experience is required. Contract security hiring is advisable for premises with a very low number of workers.