What Kind of Individuals should be on your security details

security detail

Ultimately, the decision to have a security team is to protect yourself and all that matters to you. This is the reason for the existence of  security firms who take ample time to search for and employ the right persons for those in need of security guards or a security team. As life and wealth is at stake here, there are certain essential traits individuals part of your security details must have. We discuss them below.

  1. Loyal: Your security details must consist of individuals who are loyal. Basic security training and education have made provision for this. Security guards and personnel are mandated to be loyal to what they protect as this will eliminate any form of external and internal attacks on you or your assets.
  2. Can they take a bullet for you?: As harsh as it might sound, here is one of the key reasons you opt for a security team, to protect your life. But in the case of a security attack when the tide gets rough and everyone has taken to their heels, can the members of your security unit take a bullet for you? Can they risk everything to protect you? Can they cross oceans just to get you out of trouble? These and many more are what your trained guards should be able to do for you. 
  3. Physical Fitness: Your security unit should consist of individuals who are physically fit and alert. The better fit they are, the safer for you. 
  4. Experience: Ensure that the security personnel on your team are experienced professionals. They know what to do in different situations, they understand the tricks and tips for different scenarios, etc. 
  5. Highly Trained and Licensed: as a whole, your security detail should consist of only individuals who are highly trained by certified trainers that are licensed by the resident government. This is best as they are already equipped with all they need to protect you and your assets. 

For whatever reason you need or have a security team, The key to having your desired security details is making sure it comprises the best of the best individuals.