Security Guards: Know the Types Part Two


Contract Security Guard

Usually, they are always unarmed and they have basic training on responding to crises and people situations. The contract security guard works to patrol the premises and ensure everything is in order. 

Residential Security Guard

This type of security guard is hired to protect private properties. It can be a home or an entire estate. You will normally find them at the gates and some on patrol. They are always the first respondent once a resident has an issue in their home. They are usually friendly and relatable. 

Patrol Security Guard

Unlike the stationary guards discussed in part I, a patrol guard patrols the premise or environment throughout his shift. People hire patrol security guards because they have a vast premise, building, or land that they need someone to keep an eye on. Patrol guards are usually found in their patrol vehicles or bikes and if you happen to be outside, they are likely to be in your face the entire time. 

Bouncers/Business Security Guard

Of course, bouncers are also security guards. Due to the nature of business and how dangerous the businesses they are protecting are, they are required to be muscular, strong, and fit. They usually work to maintain peace and order wherever they are found and these places include bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs, parties, malls, warehouses, and other private places of business, etc. 

Surveillance Security Guards 

The new age has brought about CCTVs and other digital surveillance methods. There is always that guard that sits at the other end of the monitor in a reserved room, watching the feeds from the cameras. That’s the surveillance security guard. He is to give reports on what he sees on the camera.  

Proprietary Security Guard

These are not guards by contracts nor are they employed through a security company agent. They are usually employed as staff of the company or establishment and are employed to fill the role of security guards. 

Now that you know the types, you should never be confused when you see a security guard.