Places and Platforms to Get Security Job Vacancies


Searching for a job can be very overwhelming, especially when one doesn’t even know the right places to look. For a security guard job, one would think “well, so long it is a physical job, my best bet is to start looking around the cities for open vacancies”.

The reality for folks who think like this is that we are in the jet age. All it takes is to know the right keywords, companies, and places to reach out to. Below are the places and platforms to get security guard job lists.


This is by far the easiest and the best way to have access to a large database of current job vacancies for the role of a security guard. Google is a wide and competitive space on the internet. There are millions of web pages ready to load your screen with current job vacancies that even match your preferences. All you need is to type in what you are searching for.

Security Company Websites

Gone are the days when companies published vacancies in newspapers. Companies and organizations now have websites through which they announce vacancies. Make a research about security company names and check out their websites. With most of these companies, all it takes is just to apply and you will be shortlisted for when a job is ready for you. 

Recruitment Agencies

Generally, another confirmed means through which people use to get access to vacancies and opportunities is via recruitment agencies. These recruitment agencies come with agreements, terms, and conditions, most of which folks found to be fair enough. Guards Link is a recruitment agency for security guards. 

Job Groups 

Information is power and one of the fastest means to get information is via connections. When we communicate with like-minded people, we tend to get what we need. On Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Linked In, Telegram, etc, there are lots of job groups that you can be a member of and get free access to security guard job listings.


The mother of all job marketplace. All it takes is for you to open an account and optimize your account to present you as being available for hire as a security guard. LinkedIn also gives job alerts that you can sign up for.