Industries Where Security Officers Earn Good Pay

security guard good pay

A lot of folks assume that security officers do not earn good pay. They are said to be going home with little to take home after long hours of shifts. However, there are industries with great needs for security guards and officials, and not just that, security officers working in these industries earn good pay. Some of these industries include:

  1. Ports: one of the most lucrative and largest means for transportation of goods is through ports. Daily, ships arrive at ports with thousands of commodities for traders. Ports is one industry with a high demand for competent security guards, guarding and protecting the goods and products upon arrival and when stored at warehouses. 
  2. Health: here is one industry that runs 24/7 non-stop and needs hardworking security officers. Working as a security officer in the health sector requires that you have an eye for detail. 
  3. Construction: It is general knowledge that construction companies pay security officers well. Currently, construction companies are one of the leading industries hiring the services of security guards in the United States. This is due to the need to safeguard their highly expensive equipment as well as the building materials they use. 
  4. Event Consultants: This is another thriving industry with high demand for security guards to maintain peace and orderliness at events as well as protecting people and properties at the event. The interesting thing with the event consultancy industry is that they employ all the categories of security guards including bouncers, armed guards, etc. 
  5. Mining: Saving the best for the last. Globally, the mining industry is one dangerous but lucrative industry. Due to the nature of security issues that occur at mining companies and locations, the mining industry is another industry employing security guards and giving them good pay for the hours spent. 

Now that you have known the industries, all you need is to tailor your research to the best of the best companies in these industries and you are on your way to taking a good pay home.