Drafting a job-winning Security Guard Resume


No doubt, the labor market is competitive. The number of unemployed guards is relatively low, compared to the number of jobs available for them. Yearly, Security training schools and academies train and release thousands of guards into the market. 

For every job vacancy, your first representative is your Resume. Therefore, you need a killer resume to catch the attention of the hiring manager because no matter how many years of experience you have or how highly trained you might be. If your resume isn’t catchy, you won’t smell the interview door. 

In simple terms, a killer resume is a clearly written and highly engaging document that introduces you to your potential employer. It is that document that tells the hirer why you are the one fit for the opening. 

So, what should my killer resume draft be like?

  1. A killer Template: It is okay if you cannot be creative with templates. On google, there are over 100s of free resume templates that you can download online. Find the one that is clean with nice fonts and fine format.
  2. Contact Details: currently, emails and phone numbers are the most advised contact information that you should include.  
  3. Point your Experiences and training: Most importantly as well, your employer is interested in the places you have served in the role before and the things you took charge of. The employer is also interested in the training you’ve undergone as a security guard. 
  4. Exhibit your skills: There is nothing such as pride in telling your potential what you are capable of. Formally flex your skills and make sure these skills match with the job description.
  5. Highlight Your achievements and Licenses: In whatever form you write your resume, never forget to impress your prospective employer with your achievements. At the same time, your employer is ultimately interested in your licenses. Carefully highlight them. 

Remember that a Resume is entirely different from a CV. A prospective employer that requests a resume instead of a CV is not someone interested in long talks. So, make your resume concise and straightforward.