Affiliate Benefits

Save Money, Make Money

Become an Affiliate to take full relationship benefits

As an Affiliate, your security company will

  • Generate a new revenue stream of 10% of training revenue that goes through your training portal
  • Be able to train employees and third parties to earn even more shared revenue
  • Be added to SecurityHires security industry job board as a preferred trainer with your branded training courses
  • Plus, as an additional bonus for being an Affiliate – free use of all job posting, hiring, and applicant tracking on SecurityHire

Referral Bonus Plan

Share the good news and earn a $250 Amazon gift card!

We know that you’ll immediately recognize the compliance and time saving value of GuardsLink.  If you know of any other security companies that you can recommend GuardsLink to, we’d like to pass along our appreciation.

Our Referral Bonus Plan is easy:

  • Recommend GuardsLink to a company that needs to train their security officers
  • Contact our Sales or Support teams and let us know who we should reach out to
  • If the company signs the Affiliate Agreement to start using our service, your Referral Bonus is earned
  • We will notify you and provide you with a $250 Amazon gift card
 Last but not least, there is no limit to the number of Referral Bonuses you can earn!!